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When our clients negotiate contracts with contractual partners from countries with different legal systems and cultures in order to jointly achieve (new) goals, resolve disputes or avoid disputes, we help building bridges between legal cultures. We have summarized the numerous areas of law that are needed for this under the term "bridge-building law".

If, for example, a German party is negotiating with an English or Indian party, it helps to know that the English or Indian party is accustomed to other principles of interpretation and does not know any general principle of good faith. In such a constellation, the contract must be drafted differently than when it is concluded with a Chinese or Brazilian party whose international sales law is identical (!) to our German international sales law.

Bridge-building law includes, in particular, comparative law and numerous instruments standardizing the law at the international level, such as the UN Sales Law (CISG) or the general legal principles and rules of law compiled and developed by the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law UNIDROIT in the UNIDROIT Basic Rules. The starting point is often an examination under private international law in order to identify and delimit the areas of law that are related - or in conflict - with each other. Overall, numerous areas of international business law can become important, such as EU law, international arbitration law or even international procedural law. After all, a good contract must also take into account the worst case scenario of a dispute and prepare for this scenario as cost-effectively as possible so that the dispute resolution clause will be respected.

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