Digital Certificates

Our system enables automatically encrypted e-mail communication. In addition to certain technical requirements on your own end device, this also requires an e-mail exchange before sending the application documents. Even if your technical infrastructure does not support encrypted transmission, we have a solution ready that allows you to send the application documents securely.

For secure e-mail communication, Brödermann Jahn uses e-mail encryption technology that supports the S/MIME, PGP and SMT over TLS standards in particular. However, encrypted e-mail communication is only possible if you first create the necessary technical requirements for this in your own IT infrastructure, i.e. e.g. the installation of an S/MIME certificate or a PGP key. This also applies to third parties involved in e-mail communication by you or on the basis of your instructions by Brödermann Jahn. The validity period of such a certificate/key must not exceed three years and the key length must be at least 1,024 bits. The S/MIME certificates and PGP keys of Brödermann Jahn are here. Often the exchange of certificates is already done automatically by sending an e-mail. Please note that encrypted e-mail communication can then only take place after this automatic exchange of certificates. If your e-mail system supports SMT over TLS, mandatory TLS can be set up for future communication between Brödermann Jahn and you.

If your IT infrastructure does not support such technology, you have the option to communicate with us in encrypted form without installing a certificate/key via the so-called GINA procedure. This requires registration at

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