Universities of Potsdam and Paris; Licence en droit, 1998; Maîtrise en droit, 1999; 1st State Exam, 2002; 2nd State Exam, 2004; Dr. jur., 2009 (Prize of the Universitätsgesellschaft Potsdam e.V. 2009; Wolf-Rüdiger-Bub-Prize 2009)

Consulting Focus

In the course of her practice, Katharina Klingel specializes in contract drafting in international commercial law, corporate transactions and representation in cross-border disputes before state courts and arbitral tribunals (including cross-border enforcement).

As a member of Brödermann Jahn's French Desk, Katharina Klingel also deals in depth with issues of German-French legal relations. She advises German clients on drafting contracts with business partners from French-speaking countries as well as French-speaking clients who are or want to become active in Germany.

She pursued her enthusiasm for looking beyond national borders and for cross-border issues already during her studies by participating in the German-French study program at the University of Potsdam and a two-year study visit to Paris. While working on her doctoral thesis on German, French and European suretyship law, she worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Civil Law, Private International and Procedural Law and Comparative Law at the University of Potsdam.

"Law is math with words plus common sense!"

Dr. Katharina Klingel, Partner


  • Hanseatic Bar Association Hamburg
  • German-French Lawyers Association (Deutsch-Französische Juristenvereinigung)
  • UIA - Union Internationale des Avocats


  • Private International Law and Civil Procedure (Internationales Privat- und Zivilverfahrensrecht)
  • The Principles of European Law on Personal Security as Neutral Law for International Suretyship Agreements - A Comparison with French and German Law (Die Principles of European Law on Personal Security als neutrales Recht für internationale Bürgschaftsverträge - Ein Vergleich mit dem französischen und deutschen Recht) Mohr Siebeck, Studies on foreign and international private law
  • Comment on the Berlin Court of Appeal decision 28 AR 34/06 of September 11, 2006 (Anmerkung zu KG Beschluss 28 AR 34/06 v. 11.09.2006)
  • The European Enforcement Order for uncontested claims (Der Europäische Vollstreckungstitel für unbestrittene Forderungen)
  • Commentary on the German Federal Court of Justice ruling V ZR 246/05 of July 7, 2006 (Kommentar zum BGH Urteil V ZR 246/05 v. 07.07.2006)
  • Enforcement of Maintenance Orders under the European Enforcement Order Regulation and the Planned Maintenance Regulation (Vollstreckung von Unterhaltstiteln nach der EuVTVO und der geplanten Unterhaltsverordnung)

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