Litigation in foreign jurisdictions

Cross-border process management

Time and again, clients are sued before foreign state courts or have to enforce their own claims there. In these cases, we act as an interface to the foreign lawyers and organize the conduct of the proceedings abroad for the client.

German lawyers are regularly unable to appear before foreign state courts. It is therefore a challenge for German (or European) clients when they have to enforce their rights before foreign state courts or defend themselves against a lawsuit before a foreign state court.

Due to our excellent international network, we can organize and centrally manage representation before foreign courts for our clients. In these cases, we serve as a direct point of contact for our clients and act as an interface with our foreign colleagues. In this way, we simplify the processes and, in particular, the necessary transfer of information for our clients, as we understand the requirements of foreign procedural law and can organize the necessary information gathering in a targeted manner with our clients.

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