Industrial Property Protection

We protect the intellectual property of our clients. Know-how, trade secrets and a company's good will are valuable assets that should be cerished and cared for.

This includes intellectual creations that enjoy copyright protection, which is particularly relevant for software. We advise on the exploitation and enforcement of copyrights as well as on the conclusion and consolidation of licenses in use. Trademarks and designs can be registered in Europe and worldwide in order to effectively distinguish oneself from competitors and to protect oneself from imitations. Here, we advise in the same way as by way of freedom-to-operate analysis, whether clients, for their part, infringe the rights of third parties when they use previously known designs. In close cooperation with patent attorneys, we take care of the registration, licensing and enforcement of patent rights in case of infringement.

And when competitors seek to gain unfair advantages through aggressive business practices, we help our clients to defend themselves effectively with the means of the law against unfair competition.

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