Dispute Resolution

We represent our clients in all kinds of commercial disputes, before German state courts, in (international) arbitration proceedings, in mediation proceedings and in connection with state investigation proceedings and internal audits. Our holistic advice in the area of dispute resolution starts already when drafting contracts. Should disagreements occur nevertheless, we intensively aim to avoid contentious proceedings wherever possible.

Our lawyers working in the area of Dispute Resolution not only have sound knowledge and experience in the applicable procedural law. We also have the necessary knowledge in the applicable substantive law issue. Substantive law determines whether the claims and rights in dispute exist and are enforceable.

Depending on the subject matter, our firm's extensive expertise allows us to set up appropriate teams at short notice to pool the necessary know-how. In this way we can efficiently handle disputes of varying scope and complexity. This applies to proceedings before national state courts, before national and international arbitration tribunals as well as before foreign state courts.

In particular, we are frequently mandated in cross-border business relationships and disputes in which we involve - if necessary - experienced colleagues from abroad, insofar as foreign law is involved. In doing so, we rely on a real asset: since the founding of the firm, we have maintained intensive working relationships with lawyers in almost all countries of the world and have a very actively managed network of lawyers worldwide. This distinguishes us from many other business and big law firms.

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