Arbitration proceedings are an alternative to state court proceedings. Especially in cross-border contractual relationships arbitration proceedings are often agreed upon instead of the otherwise competent state courts since arbitral awards are more likely to be enforceable in (non-European) foreign countries than judgments of state courts.

We advise and represent our clients before national and international arbitration courts. Many of our lawyers are also appointed as arbitrators by the parties.

In the run-up to disputes, we advise our clients with special attention to the dispute resolution mechanisms, for example in the drafting of contracts. Particularly in cross-border constellations inadequate clauses later have a massive negative and cost-intensive impact. If a dispute arises, we examine whether arbitration proceedings are possible. We have broad experience with a wide variety of arbitration institutions - there exist numerous different private institutions worldwide that offer arbitration proceedings and arbitration rules which may be and are agreed upon by the parties in contracts.

We also conduct proceedings before state courts for the recognition and enforceability of international arbitral awards in Germany.

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