UNIDROIT Principles

The UNIDROIT Principles for International Commercial Contracts 2016 are an important tool for the drafting of international commercial contracts. Developed over a period of nearly 50 years by the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law with experts from all major business and legal communities, they bring together general contract law in a legally uniform way.

The UNIDROIT Principles have been recommended multiple times, lastly in 2021, by the UN Commission on International Trade. The international lawyers' organization Union Internationale des Avocats (which, through its members, brings together some 2 million lawyers) and Primerus™ recommend them, too. They can often even be used, in the area of international contract law, as general principles of law. This has been proven hundred of times in international arbitral awards and national judgements from varios jurisdictions. At Brödermann Jahn working with the UNIDROIT Principles has been our daily business for years. We regularly organize trainings on them.

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