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We assist our clients in negotiating and implementing international supply agreements. We advise both, from the perspective of the manufacturer or seller, as well as their customers, whether they are the next link in the global supply chain or the end customer. Our legal advice covers traditional sales law and in particular the law of the international sale of goods (UN sales law, CISG), but also complex contracts for work and materials with a high design and IP content. An increasingly large part of our work is devoted to international supply agreements for software and IT services. In addition to the specific supply contract, we also have an eye on the adjacent areas of law, such as, above all, transport law, customs and export control law, sanctions law and compliance. We are competent in the relevant regulations for financing instruments as well as for obtaining federal export subsidies.

Our clients include mechanical engineering companies, suppliers from the automotive, aviation and shipping sectors as well as manufacturers of consumer goods, fashion, foodhealth and cosmetics. Software companies mandate us for their software transactions and project contracts. From the supply of custom-built machinery to the trade in bulk goods, we assist in the negotiation and drafting of the supply contract, especially in international business.

We are a competent, loyal and pragmatic advocate of our clients' interests in the extrajudicial and contentious enforcement of rights and obligations arising from international supply contracts.

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