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We assist our clients in dealing with aspects of export control law. In the context of international supply contracts and service agreements, many of our clients are confronted with questions whether goods, services or financial resources may leave the domestic territory without further ado or whether this at least requires a permit. Our legal advice includes the examination of the German Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance (Außenwirtschaftsverordnung), as well as legal norms of EU law applicable in Germany. The latter include the Dual-Use Regulation as well as the embargo regulations relating to individual countries or persons. Furthermore, due to the extraterritorial effects of US export control law according to US legal understanding, it is usually advisable to obtain legal advice on this as well. In this regard, we support our clients with our dense worldwide network in this field.

Frequently, questions of export control law arise in IT contracts with US-American contractual partners. However, we also protect our clients if they wish to set up a functioning export control compliance system or have it reviewed. In addition, we support our clients when they are confronted with specific events that raise export control or sanctions law issues and assist them when questions in this regard need to be clarified or, if necessary, fought out with the relevant government authorities in Germany and abroad.

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