Crisis Management

If there are signs of distress in your company, we can provide an overview of the legal risks and options for action as part of an initial crisis consultation.

The starting point is data from the company on its current net assets, financial position and earnings, as well as data on its current liquidity situation. We examine whether the company is already liable to file for insolvency for legal reasons and whether there are options for reorganization or restructuring.

An important part of the initial crisis consultation is also the assessment of any personal liability risks of managing directors. The legislator's requirements for managing directors have recently been further tightened by the German Corporate Stabilization and Restructuring Act (StaRUG). In addition, managing directors are liable for unauthorized disbursements from the company's assets during the crisis, even if they consider the disbursement to be reasonable. In times of crisis different standards apply.

Acting quickly saves time, opens up room for maneuver and generally reduces expenses.

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