Crisis Management

In economically turbulent times we are at your side as your crisis advisors. We are aware of the legal nature of economic crises, which not only give rise to liability risks for company managers, but may also lead to risks of avoidance when continuing business relationships with suppliers and customers during the crisis.

Together with our clients, we identify the signs of a crisis and clarify which legal aspects play a decisive role.

Our achievments speak for themselves: from medium-sized companies struggling with liquidity problems to large suppliers whose customers found themselves in insolvency proceedings - we have successfully advised a wide range of clients from different industries.

Our role is not only to provide legal assistance, but also to limit the liability of business managers and identify concrete opportunities for reorganization. To this end, we work with all stakeholders and can call in additional expertise from other professions as needed. The definition of objectives worked out with the client is decisive, e.g. securing long-term stability of the company, maintaining the supply chain or relationships with customers.

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