Which purchasing concepts will apply in the future? What roles do sustainability and product origin play? How do we supply the rural area? How do we design transport over the last mile? What answers are there to the digital revolution? How do we counter the shortage of skilled workers? The consumer goods industry and retail sector are facing enormous transformation processes and, above all, must be innovative. At the same time, social media play a decisive role in these industries.

We provide support in opening up new markets as well as in the growth in domestic markets. We advise on the legal handling of technologies and data in order to protect brands and maintain reputation, on labeling obligations, on the design of distribution channels, but also on compliance issues, for example in the area of corporate social responsibility. Whether e-commerce platform or stationary trade: we draft and negotiate all necessary contracts in the service chain, supply chain, financing, restructuring and in transactions.

What legal design can we deliver to you? Read more about our consulting services in selected industries:


The aviation industry is not only a key player in the Hamburg metropolitan region, but also an important driving force on a global scale. It literally not only connects continents, but also acts as a multiplier for numerous sectors of the economy. It is a highly complex and global system with numerous players: aircraft industry, airlines, airport operators, air traffic control, security companies, etc. Not to forget the ground services such as ground handling or non-aviation services such as parking management, travel value businesses, etc., which are becoming increasingly important.

However, the industry is facing enormous challenges. Recent and possible future disruptions and the increasing requirements for sustainability and climate neutrality demand structural changes. We support you in achieving your goals with customized legal solutions.

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The cosmetics industry turns over hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide every year, and at the same time there are considerable regulatory requirements. In particular, the EU Cosmetics Regulation imposes various requirements on the raw materials used in cosmetic products, on animal testing, labeling obligations or on product advertising. New trends towards sustainability or vegan lifestyle do not stop at this industry. We advise on raw material supply agreements, on the drafting of contracts with (contract) manufacturers, on licensing agreements, research and development agreements, on labeling , on the protection and enforcement of intellectual property, on issues of product safety and liability, on the drafting of commercial and distribution agreements, but also on transactions or corporate structuring in the cosmetics industry.

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Digital Business

The amount of digital business models in the global economy is constantly rising. The rapid development of new technologies enables companies to introduce a wide range of scalable products to the market. Whether platform services, artificial intelligence or the use of blockchain technology for secure and transparent transaction processing, we help to develop and implement new business models in a legally secure manner. Our experts have extensive experience concerning the legal framework and requirements in the field of digitalization and can help you to exploit the potential of new technologies in compliance with the law.

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Food Products

The food industry is significantly exposed to dynamic changes due to climate change, increasing regulations such as the Green Deal and accompanying ESG requirements, the new supply chain law, but also disruptive events such as variants of swine or avian influenza. At the same time changing consumer trends and consumer protection regulations as well as continued pressure from food retailers to meet conditions as commodity prices fluctuate require a high degree of flexibility. Yet this creates growth potential. The market is highly competitive and new players, be they global players or innovative startups, are changing the balance of power.

In this complex environment, we advise manufacturers, importers and stakeholders on various legal issues related to the product, on competition and antitrust issues, on the drafting of contracts (including R&D and cooperation agreements, purchasing and framework agreements, distribution structures and licensing agreements) but also on the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

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The use of hydrogen in industry and transport as a versatile energy carrier of the future is increasingly being researched and tested. We offer legal advice on the development and implementation of new business models, cooperations, joint ventures or introductions of H2 technology as part of growth and future strategies.

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For us, logistics means not only transport and traffic but the entire value chain from planning, management and control of the flow of materials and associated information from procurement through production and distribution to disposal. Of course, contracts alone are not enough to ensure the smooth handling of services and goods, especially in production and procurement logistics. Nevertheless, a good contract provides a solid basis that the necessary interfaces are defined and being complied with through KPIs and it serves as a financial safeguard in case of disruptions in the logistics cycle. We advise individual general and special service providers, forwarders, manufacturers, warehousing companies, as well as system integrators and software providers in all legal matters, from corporate law advice, the structuring of distribution channels, IT outsourcing and subsequent IT insourcing to the contractual design for daily business. We cover national but also cross-border situations. In view of the enormous challenges and opportunities in this industry due to digitalization, 3D printing, robotics and autonomous driving, it is just as important to take into account how the requirements for sustainability and diversification are changing, not only due to our information society.

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Maritime Industry

For the innovative core of the maritime industry, the shipbuilding and shipbuilding supply industry, we offer comprehensive legal advice in day-to-day business, national and international projects and transactions of all kinds and sometimes also act as counsel or arbitrator in international arbitration proceedings. We also advise owners and managers of maritime container portfolios on legal aspects of the logistics side of the maritime industry, whether shipping companies, shipbrokers, forwarders or insurers. Here, in addition to transport and logistics issues, the advice extends to various areas of law, including compliance (dual-use goods), regulatory approvals or tenders. Clients benefit from our considerable expertise in the areas of comparative law and private international law.

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Real Estate

We advise private and commercial real estate owners on corporate, often cross-border structuring, on the purchase and sale of real estate companies and/or real estate property, on the establishment of joint ventures. We support project developers and fund companies on real estate development or revitalization projects. This includes corporate law expertise as well as advice on construction and architectural contracts. Our real estate law expertise also includes regular assistance in commercial lease and/or rental matters, including the administration and enforcement of securities, collaterals and guarantees.

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Retail and E-Commerce

We offer comprehensive advice on all legal aspects of retail and e-commerce. We support in drafting general terms and conditions and privacy notices for retail and online stores or in complying with consumer protection and competition law in digital marketing campaigns. We advise on issues of trademark law and copyright and support in implementing business strategies. Should things not work out as planned, we can also assist you in enforcing your rights in the event of disputes with customers or business partners.

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Software is the heart of the digital economy. Without it, the technical developments of the past decades would not have been possible. Therefore, it is not surprising that a diverse legal situation and jurisdiction has developed in connection with software, which can vary greatly, especially from an international perspective. We offer you comprehensive advice on all legal issues relating to software. We support you in the preparation of software license agreements and the enforcement of copyrights, but also in maintenance and support agreements with complex service levels. Another focus of our consulting services is license optimization, where license and maintenance costs can be significantly reduced through contract drafting and negotiation.

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Textile and fashion companies are in the strong focus of public discussion about social, ecological and ethical responsibility along their supply chains. Increasing compliance and sustainability requirements at home and abroad affect manufacturers, retailers or service providers alike. At the same time, dynamic customer behaviour across traditional sales channels is forcing product and price transparency. Multichannel or omnichannel shopping must be possible, barrier-free and fast. The apparel industry must therefore not only take care of the external appearance, but also seamlessly link its sales channels internally. These must stand side by side without competing with each other. We help with the legal design of purchasing and distribution structures, including license management. We advise on the acquisition or sale of textile companies as well as on international group structuring. We help our clients to establish and protect their intellectual property. We advise on reorganization and restructuring issues and provide training on compliance topics.

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