In a global world, large infrastructure and plant construction projects are necessarily international and often politically influenced. The stakeholders in these projects come from a wide variety of backgrounds and legal and social cultures. We offer our services to developers and operators of airports, ports, roads, railways and waterways; producers, processors and suppliers of oil and gas, petrochemicals; developers of wind, photovoltaic or hydrogen technologies, but also builders and operators of hotels, shopping centers, parking garages, logistics real estate, health care real estate and industrial plants. We provide support in the drafting and negotiation of often complex plant construction contracts (in particular FIDIC contracts), advise on construction contracts with general contractors or in the context of the commissioning of individual trades, assist with project development, project management and project control contracts, provide support in PPP projects and assist in public procurement procedures.

What legal infrastructure can we provide for your project? Read more about our consulting services in selected industries:

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation. Not only e-mobility and autonomous driving, but also new requirements for environmental compatibility and changing mobility needs require the adaptation of existing products and business models. We can assist clients with our extensive expertise in this area. Together with our clients we develop practical solutions along the production, supply and distribution chains for all players in the automotive industry. Regardless of whether our client is an OEM, Tier 1/Tier 2 supplier or other market participant in this segment. We advise in daily business as well as in transactions and in disputes.

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The aviation industry is not only a key player in the Hamburg metropolitan region, but also an important driving force on a global scale. It literally not only connects continents, but also acts as a multiplier for numerous sectors of the economy. It is a highly complex and global system with numerous players: aircraft industry, airlines, airport operators, air traffic control, security companies, etc. Not to forget the ground services such as ground handling or non-aviation services such as parking management, travel value businesses, etc., which are becoming increasingly important.

However, the industry is facing enormous challenges. Recent and possible future disruptions and the increasing requirements for sustainability and climate neutrality demand structural changes. We support you in achieving your goals with customized legal solutions.

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In the traditional energy sector, we have been advising companies for many years on the structuring of distribution chains, the drafting and negotiation of distribution and supply contracts (including contracts with non-European suppliers) but also on energy-related transactions, e.g. corporate structuring, plant construction contracts or the purchase and sale of energy producing companies (partly also through participation in foreign public tenders).

Our practice touches on various areas of law, including contract law, antitrust law, commercial and corporate law, employment law, insurance law, copyright law, IT, public tenders, private international law, comparative law, arbitration and procedural law.

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The use of hydrogen in industry and transport as a versatile energy carrier of the future is increasingly being researched and tested. We offer legal advice on the development and implementation of new business models, cooperations, joint ventures or introductions of H2 technology as part of growth and future strategies.

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There are few industries as innovative and agile as the digital economy. With new technologies and business models, it is the decisive driver for transformation in all areas of global economic life, but also for each of us in our everyday lives. Yet, this development is just the beginning. Once initiated, digitization is an ongoing development process. Not only does it require constant technical updates and upgrades, but the legislator is also constantly defining new regulatory requirements.

Software, Platform Services, AI, Cloud Computing, SaaS, Crypto, Blockchain, Big Data, Virtual Reality - Where is your company active? We support you in your daily decisions and in the realization of your strategic business goals, so that you will be legally compliant when operating in the market.

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For us, logistics means not only transport and traffic but the entire value chain from planning, management and control of the flow of materials and associated information from procurement through production and distribution to disposal. Of course, contracts alone are not enough to ensure the smooth handling of services and goods, especially in production and procurement logistics. Nevertheless, a good contract provides a solid basis that the necessary interfaces are defined and being complied with through KPIs and it serves as a financial safeguard in case of disruptions in the logistics cycle. We advise individual general and special service providers, forwarders, manufacturers, warehousing companies, as well as system integrators and software providers in all legal matters, from corporate law advice, the structuring of distribution channels, IT outsourcing and subsequent IT insourcing to the contractual design for daily business. We cover national but also cross-border situations. In view of the enormous challenges and opportunities in this industry due to digitalization, 3D printing, robotics and autonomous driving, it is just as important to take into account how the requirements for sustainability and diversification are changing, not only due to our information society.

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Plant Construction

Whether wind or solar farms, power plants, automation systems, procurement industry, shipbuilding or aviation industry - mechanical and plant engineering is one of the leading industries in Germany with often an international context. The so-called industry 4.0, i.e. the fusion of computer tech and mechanical engineering, but also energy efficiency requirements, smart building and smart factory, IT and data security have an enormous impact on the industry.

We advise manufacturers and suppliers of complex, technically sophisticated and often highly innovative products, project developers and construction companies as well as purchasers of special supplies and services. Our services spread from the drafting of contracts for industrial plants and technical trades, to accompanying in the awarding process and support during execution and commissioning. Particularly in times of increased disruptive events leading to worldwide supply bottlenecks or supply disruptions, it is essential to make careful arrangements for project and payment schedules, for dealing with obstruction notices and change requests, for providing collateral and for structuring warranty obligations. Whether subcontractor, back-to-back or turnkey contract, whether FIDIC, Orgalime or ICC conditions, whether according to VOB or BGB - claims or counterclaims can arise in all project phases. Therefore, careful claim, anti-claim and risk management is indispensable. Here we offer legal advice as well as e.g. on governance, risk and compliance issues.

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Real Estate

We advise private and commercial real estate owners on corporate, often cross-border structuring, on the purchase and sale of real estate companies and/or real estate property, on the establishment of joint ventures. We support project developers and fund companies on real estate development or revitalization projects. This includes corporate law expertise as well as advice on construction and architectural contracts. Our real estate law expertise also includes regular assistance in commercial lease and/or rental matters, including the administration and enforcement of securities, collaterals and guarantees.

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Renewable Energies

Wind, biogas, biodiesel, solar, wood pellets, hydrogen - the energy transition is bringing an enormous focus on renewable energies. At the same time, energy efficiency must be improved and grid expansion accelerated. The change in social interests and the constant and sometimes fundamental change in the legal framework pose particular challenges for companies.

We advise clients in this legal environment in plant construction and project business, in transactions and provide support in various legal issues.

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Software is the heart of the digital economy. Without it, the technical developments of the past decades would not have been possible. Therefore, it is not surprising that a diverse legal situation and jurisdiction has developed in connection with software, which can vary greatly, especially from an international perspective. We offer you comprehensive advice on all legal issues relating to software. We support you in the preparation of software license agreements and the enforcement of copyrights, but also in maintenance and support agreements with complex service levels. Another focus of our consulting services is license optimization, where license and maintenance costs can be significantly reduced through contract drafting and negotiation.

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