Execution of Wills and Administration of Estates

The Succession Law Team of Brödermann Jahn advises and represents executors and administrators on all aspects of the settlement and administration of estates, up to and including the settlement of the estate. The Succession Law Team has a great deal of experience in advising and representing executors in court and out-of-court disputes with heirs. 

The Succession Law Team also offers services as executors of wills: Andrea Tiedemann herself is qualified as a certified executor (AGT) and as such has successfully handled many estates in the past. Recently, Brödermann Jahn has established a special company for the execution of wills (TuN Testamentsvollstreckungs-GmbH, www.tun.gmbh) that offers both, the mere execution of a will as well as the long-term fiduciary administration of estates on a professional level. Appointing TuN Testamentsvollstreckungs-GmbH as a company rather than individuals has the special advantage of its permanent existence and the irrelevance of any personal circumstances of individuals chosen by the testator as executors (such as age, illness) because it acts though professional legal representatives. Therefore, it is also well suited to be chosen as a substitute executor.

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