After Death

Estates and Inheritances

The Sucession Law Team offers legal services in all relevant issues surrounding any matters arising post mortem, such as probate proceedings, inheritance disputes and the settlement of the estate.

This includes the distribution of the estate among the co-heirs, the settlement of the estate before probate courts and requests for the legitimate share and compulsory portion. The Succession Law Team has the competence, experience and strength as well as the (wo)manpower needed to handle complex inheritance cases and to deal with demanding legal issues – whilst always taking into account the emotional attachment of the parties involved.

We advise and represent you after death in the following matters:

  • Inheritance disputes
  • Probate proceedings
  • Proceedings before ordinary courts regarding determination of heirs
  • Challenging of wills
  • Settlement of estates
  • Community of heirs
  • Forced auction proceedings
  • Division of the estate
  • Legitimate share and compulsory portion
  • Execution of wills
  • Certificate of inheritance
  • Shareholdings in companies and business participations

We also provide competent advice on international estates, if necessary jointly with our international partners of our network. We assist in handling estates outside of Germany and handle German assets of foreign estates in Germany. Due to our profound knowledge of international inheritance law concepts of the different foreign legal systems we are the right partner in cross-border cases.

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