Pre-nuptial Agreements

Brödermann Jahn advises on drafting of pre-nuptial agreements, in particular when international aspects are involved (assets in different countries, different citizenships of the spouses, intention of spouses to relocate). When drafting pre-nups it is particularly important to find a balance of both spouses’ mutual interests and to find solutions that reflect the spouses’ ideas and wishes for the event of divorce. For most spouses it is essential to protect their business and any assets thereof (including shares in companies or participations in partnerships) in the event of a divorce. 

Brödermann Jahn is broadly experienced in international matters and can rely on its network of international lawyers when it comes to drafting international pre-nups. The Succession Law Team is qualified to review the various legal systems involved and to coordinate the lawyers of the different countries which enables them to take all international aspects into consideration when drafting an international pre-nuptial agreement.

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