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A lawyer for my supply contracts? Absolutely! Especially when such contracts affect your global supply chain. Growing global and technical interconnectedness of suppliers, resource scarcity in energy and supplier parts, disruption of world trade routes, and increased consumer awareness of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) are just a few buzzwords of recent challenges to managing one's supply chain.

We help manufacturers and traders from Germany and abroad to organize and monitor their supply chain in Germany, the EU and worldwide. Our lawyers are trained and experienced in drafting the relevant sourcing agreements. When advising on the choice of law, we keep in mind the several layers of global trade beyond the immediate contractual partner and also include in our advice the adjacent and overlapping areas of law such as INCOTERMS©, transport law and transport insurance law, distribution law, export control and sanctions law, antitrust law, as well as legal issues relating to compliance in global trade.

Among our clients are manufacturers from different industries, such as aviation or automotive, consumer goods, food, cosmetics, software. In addition, we advise clients in logistics and transportation. We assist in drafting our clients' sales and purchasing contracts and the necessary contractual clauses for effective risk management in the area of social and environmental due diligence. We provide assistance with issues around warranty and liability for non-contractual deliveries, which can quickly develop their own dynamics in the supply chain. Should an out-of-court dispute resolution or arbitration or court proceedings ever become necessary, we represent our clients with legal competence and due rigor, without losing sight of the best solution for the client.

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